M E M O R I Z A T I O N    P R O F E S S I O N A L

Play this quick overview of Memorization Professional.

INCLUDES a Daily Bible Reader
and a unique Mp3 player designed for Bible Study!

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IT'S HERE in our latest version and ready for you to download!

The "Walking Hand-In-Hand" Mp3 Player/Reader.

Called a reader also because it conjoins playing an mp3 and displaying the Bible verses referred to therein so you can read them concurrently. Its capability and use in the Kingdom of God will be enormous.

"Thy words were found, and I did eat them;
and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart:
for I am called by thy name, O LORD God of hosts.

Jeremiah 15:16

The Word of God is full of treasure. It contains everything you need for every day of your life. Never neglect to read and memorize it!

Redeem the time!

Start speaking

the Word of God today!

Be diligent to study God's Word. It will rejoice your heart - even more when you know it by heart. May those around you be drawn to God when you quote it word for word!

All English Bible versions are supported within the projects. The Bible Reader
uses only the King James Version.

And memorize catechisms, creeds, confessions, quotations, etc.

can help you do it!



Memorization Professional contains many helpful features.
Here above - the Auto Advance dialog is opened within Project Study -

reading your projects in numerous configurable ways.

or continue reading to learn more. Just click the links on this page
or within the menu above or footer below.

Click the pic above to go to Mem. Pro's MAIN Page.
The menu was modified and appears as shown as changed in version
as the link text "Help" was changed to "Video Tutorials."

  • Works on laptops and PC's running Windows XP or later.
  • Single or multiple users.
  • Multiple projects - download preconfigured projects directly from within Mem. Pro.
  • Both individual user and project configurations.
  • Optional password protection.
  • Many, many nice features.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since Memorization Professional is still fairly new, when you run the installation package a message will likely appear with something like "this program is not commonly downloaded and may damage your computer." Please understand that Memorization Professional - just like any other program - must gain trust over the internet before this message no longer appears to those installing it. We ask for your trust; and trust that you will proceed to install Memorization Professional for your use.

Voices such as Microsoft Anna, Mike, Mary, etc. may be used within Memorization Professional though many lack the quality of IVONA voices). Due to copyright issues we are not able to demonstrate the use of any of IVONA's voices by Memorization Professional on our website. Nevertheless - believe us! Their voices are exceptionally good.
When you donate for using Mem. Pro. you are helping many who are unable to donate to also benefit from this program;
And you help the writer to fulfill his calling.

Having given Mem. Pro. version 1 to the LORD, might you support our labor to its purpose?

The LORD works through His people.


Other software being considered for development:

(1) A Diet and Health Analysis Tracking Program: Wherein a user - committed to entering the necessary data; the program will present probable causes of negative entries in relation to all data entered over a period of time. The data entered will be one's diet, physical activity, mental concentration, amount of sleep and rest, both traumatic and comforting events, the current weather to include atmospheric pressure, bodily responses such as fever, rashes,etc., as well as how one feels both physically and spiritually (though we walk by faith and not how we feel) throughout the day.

 (2) Other software to just plain help others in one way or another. Look for these in the not too distant future. 

Please take the Bible quiz appearing below. It changes every day so come back soon.

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